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International Credit Services
1436 Second Street Suite 204
Napa CA 94559

Phone:  707.255.9800
Fax:  707.255.6800


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Current Public Portfolio Listing:
Value # Portfolio Type/Lender
3.2M 2 Student Loans / Issuer
230M 20 Credit Card / Auto / Various Lenders/Issuer Direct

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Private Portfolio Listings Available.
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Maverick Asset Solutions
Verified Bank Locate and Employment Verification Solutions

Maverick’s unique Data Solutions Model utilizes state-of the-art,cutting-edge technology  to track…indentify…and locate the most elusive debtors and their assets.  Contact us today to explore the phenomenal opportunities in the distressed asset location industry through a partnership with Maverick Asset Solutions.

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NSTN offers unique and highly innovative products.

Since 1999, NSTN has been providing data to the collection industry.  We have innovative products
such as:
Live Connect—100% live numbers.
Guaranteed Connect—guaranteed right party contact
LAP—Designed exclusively for the debt seller.
Flat Rate batching—Lowest per hit rates in the industry.
Asset Searches – Our premier service.
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