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International Credit Services
1436 Second Street Suite 204
Napa CA 94559

Phone:  707.255.9800
Fax:  707.255.6800


International Credit Services - Celebrating 15 Years.

Identifying a portfolio . Choosing a portfolio that is right for you is the single most important factor in the success of your business. Let us help you make the right choices as we have been doing for over 30 years.

Marketing your portfolio . Your acquired  portfolio is only as valuable as the target market dictates. Let us help you select which marketing plan is the most effective way to realize maximum gains.

Full Service Collection Agency Network.  Want to be a Big Fish in a small pond? Our boutique-size Agencies are able to spend more time on your accounts, which results in above market recovery rates.  Our extensive Collection Agency Network brings solid monthly returns  with Specialty Agencies for each type of product resulting in surpassing your recovery criteria.

Designed with YOU in mind. Specialty Direct Portfolio Product.  We find the pursuit of Specialty Direct Products becoming of major interest for many of you.  Many of these deals include full documentation.

Place Your Order.   Are you looking for a specific product?  As a Buyer, you place an order for the type of product you want and we will utilize our vast network to deliver your results.

Purchase and Sales Documentation. We maintain full documentation archives of all purchases and sales.

Management and Processing. We offer a wide array of full and complete services designed to streamline processing and reduce management overhead associated with every level of the Debt business.


Current Public Portfolio Listing:
Value # Portfolio Type/Lender
3.2M 2 Student Loans / Issuer
230M 20 Credit Card / Auto / Various Lenders/Issuer Direct

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Private Portfolio Listings Available.
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Maverick Asset Solutions
Verified Bank Locate and Employment Verification Solutions

Maverick’s unique Data Solutions Model utilizes state-of the-art,cutting-edge technology  to track…indentify…and locate the most elusive debtors and their assets.  Contact us today to explore the phenomenal opportunities in the distressed asset location industry through a partnership with Maverick Asset Solutions.

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NSTN offers unique and highly innovative products.

Since 1999, NSTN has been providing data to the collection industry.  We have innovative products
such as:
Live Connect—100% live numbers.
Guaranteed Connect—guaranteed right party contact
LAP—Designed exclusively for the debt seller.
Flat Rate batching—Lowest per hit rates in the industry.
Asset Searches – Our premier service.
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